Thing 5 - Managing Your RSS Feeds

Now that you've subscribed to a few blogs using Google Reader, what do you do next? You'll want to start reading your blogs regularly - just like you routinely read your email. And also, as you find more blogs you like and subscribe to more feeds, you'll need to organize your subscriptions.

To complete Thing 5 you must:
A. Learn to read and manage your subscriptions
B. Search for blogs of interest to you
C. Reflect on Thing 5 on your blog

A. Reading and Managing Your Subscriptions
Watch the following video to learn more about using Google Reader.

B. Search and Subscribe
Now that you know how to subscribe (it's O.K. to look back at Thing 4), it’s time to find blogs of interest to you. Have a look at these two blog search tools and subscribe to any interesting blogs you stumble across. Create folders and organize your subscriptions in a way that makes sense to you.

Google Blog Search: This is a keyword search. Just type in your search term(s) – all your results will be from blogs and not other sites. Do notice that your search results indicate how long ago the blog posting was made.

Technorati: When you enter a search term, be sure to indicate whether you want to search for blogs or posts. Click on "Refine your search" at the top of your results list to narrow your search results. You can also click on Blog Directory and browse blogs by category.

C. Reflect - Blog Prompts for Thing 5
RSS can be a difficult concept for some to grasp right away - what questions do you have? It's easy to feel overwhelmed by the sheer volume of blogs out there - how do you handle information overload and how do you think RSS might help with that? Find anything in your searching that you'd recommend to others?


  1. I think RSS can be useful because you can search for specific topics that you are interested in using a specific search. I think that RSS can help you avoid information overload because you can follow very specific blogs that have topics that relate to what you are looking for professionally.

  2. It's nice to have access to updates without having to wade through "old stuff." I did have some trouble finding the RSS feed for some of the sites. However, once I found them, things were pretty easy.

  3. This is nice way to organize info/data.

  4. This is a helpful way to keep information organized and easy to get to.