The 23 Things

Following are the 23 Things to complete in the order listed. Click the blue links to go to each Thing. You may complete the Things at your own pace, but we suggest trying to finish one topic area per week. Have fun!

What is Web 2.0?
1. Learn about Web 2.0 and why it's important to 21st Century teaching and learning.

2. Learn about blogs and create your own
3. Explore how educators are using blogs to support teaching and learning

4. Learn about RSS and how to subscribe to blogs
5. Manage RSS feeds in Google Reader

Photos and Images

6. Learn about online photo sharing and explore Flickr
7. Share photos of your own on Flickr
8. Have some fun with mash-ups and online image generators

Online Video

9. Explore online video sharing sites
10. Embed and download video from video sharing sites

Building Community

11. Connect to your learning community
12. Add a widget to your blog

Social Bookmarking

13. Learn about tagging and social bookmarking
14. Set up your account and experience Delicious
15. Revisit RSS and subscribe to new feeds

Online Productivity

16. Explore online collaboration with Google Docs
17. Try out a few other online productivity tools
18. Discover Slideshare for online presentations

19. Learn about podcasting
20. Locate and subscribe to podcasts

21. Learn about Wikis and discover ways they're being used
22. Create a wiki

Wrap Up

23. Reflect on your journey

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