Thing 15 - RSS Revisited

Well, it's probably been a few weeks since you've set up your Google Reader account. Have you been checking-in to keep up with new posts? If it's been awhile and you're feeling overwhelmed by a large number of unread posts, just take a deep breath, exhale and relax. Keep in mind that subscribing to feeds is only helpful if you take the time to go back and check what's new. When checking Google Reader becomes a habit, you'll really benefit from this tool.

In this Thing, you'll learn about new types of feeds to which you can subscribe, and you'll also go back and clean up your Google Reader account.

To complete Thing 15 you must:
A. Subscribe to a news feed
B. Subscribe to a tag feed
C. Clean up your subscriptions
D. Reflect on Thing 15 on your blog

A. News Feed
In addition to blogs, you can subscribe to a growing number of news feeds. Using one of the subscribing methods covered in Thing 4, subscribe to at least one of the news feeds available on the following sites. Each site offers a number of feeds based on news topics. Select the feed you want, and add it to your account -- for most of them, you will need to copy the feed address (the URL) to paste into your Google Reader account using the "Subscribe" button.

US News & World Report
Detroit News
Detroit Free Press
New York Times

B. Tag Feed
You've explored Delicious and learned about tags. Now, you can subscribe to a tag to keep up with all the sites saved under that tag. The format for a Delicious tag feed is: http://feeds.delicious.com/v2/rss/tag/____________ where the blank contains the tag to which you want to subscribe.

Watch the video then subscribe to a tag of your choice.

C. Clean Up
Your Google Reader account may be getting cluttered by now. Perhaps there are some blogs you no longer want to read or maybe you need to reorganize your folders. Take some time to do some "RSS housekeeping" now. The "Reader settings" link (click on gear-like icon at top right of Google Reader page) takes you to your Settings page where you can clean up and reorganize your subscriptions.

D. Reflect - Blog Prompts for Thing 15
Is RSS becoming easier to understand? Do you recognize new benefits of using this tool? Do you remember to check your feeds regularly? Has it become a habit (or obsession!) yet?


  1. I don't feel any of this has become easier, a habit, or an obsession! I only have time to worry about my lesson plans and grading my students work. I am not on any social media sites because of the lack of free time I have during the school year.

  2. I agree with the above comment from 2012. We are all so incredibly busy that we do not have time to add another list to read or run through or delete/handle. I know it is suppose to make life easier and quicker. Also google reader discontinued on July 1st.