Thing 14 - Bookmarking with Delicious

In thing 13 you were introduced to the idea of social bookmarking and tagging. One of the greatest advantages of social bookmarking is that you can access and add to your collection of bookmarks from any computer. Here are a few ideas for using Delicious in your teaching:
- Build a shared reading list
- Conduct research and share with peers
- Share student links for a classroom project
- Use a group tag to share resources with a working group
- Share links to current news items related to classroom discussions

To complete Thing 14 you must:
A. Explore Delicious
B. Create your account and begin bookmarking
C. Reflect on Thing 14 on your blog

A. Explore Delicious
Many users find that the real power of Delicious is in the social networking aspect, which allows you to see how other users have tagged similar links and also discover other websites that may be of interest to you. You can think of it as peering into another user's filing cabinet, but with this powerful bookmarking tool, each user's filing cabinet helps to build an expansive knowledge network. Watch the following video and then spend some time exploring Delicious on your own.

B. Create Your Delicious Account
Now create your account. Here's a video tutorial to walk you through the process.

Now you can begin saving bookmarks. Watch this final video to learn how, and then save at least 10 bookmarks to your account.

C. Reflect - Blog Prompts for Thing 14
Include your Delicious username in this blog post so that others can view the bookmarks that you have chosen to share. Then reflect on how you think social bookmarking can be used in your teaching. Does Delicious seem to be a tool that can enhance your productivity?