Thing 11 - Community 2.0

Web 2.0 is all about community. The tools provide a function -- Flickr for sharing photos, YouTube for sharing video, etc -- but they also create a place for users to interact, exchange ideas, and connect. These communities bring people together regardless of geographical location, age, race, gender, physical ability, or any of the other ways that we might differ or separate. Formed around common interests, online communities often establish their own characteristics, norms, expectations, and terminology.

One way that connections are made is through comments. Commenting is a very important feature of many Web 2.0 applications, including blogs. For new bloggers, it can be thrilling to receive that first comment from some random, unknown reader. It suddenly changes the way we feel about our blogs and our writing. We become more invested, more careful of what and how we write, because now we know someone is reading.

While you may be doing this 23 Things project independently, you are a member of this online community who have come together to learn about Web 2.0. What are your fellow learners doing? How do they feel about this project? What new things have they discovered? For this Thing, you will reach out to other members of your community and make connections.

To complete Thing 11 you must:
A. Comment on participant blogs
B. Reflect on Thing 11 on your blog

A. Comment
Read these two articles for some tips on how to make good comments:
Lifehacker's Guide to Weblog Comments
How to Write Intelligent Comments on Blogs

Then, take some time to explore a few of your fellow participants' blogs (listed on the right). Leave a comment on 3-5 different blogs.

B. Reflect - Blog Prompts for Thing 11
What do you like / dislike about leaving comments? How did you feel when you received your first comment? Why do you think commenting is so important in online communities? What might this mean for students who share their writing online?


  1. Leaving comments is a quick way to network with some of the teachers in your building you never see! People may have an idea on a site that I never thought of and how it could be beneficial to my students. It was fun to read the comments of other people and see if they share any of your views. Students would like this...it is already part of their world.

  2. I had trouble finding the other blogs in RESA.