Thing 16 - Google Docs

Web 2.0 is all about collaboration. Using easy-to-use online tools, people around the world can work together in ways never before possible. Google offers collaborative workspace with Google Docs, their online word processor, spreadsheet and presentation editor.

With Google Docs, you can create, store and share in a secure, real-time environment. That means you and your friend in, say, Australia, can be editing the very same spreadsheet online - at the exact same time.

Users have to log-in. You already have a Google account, so you'll use that email address and password to log in.

Watch and learn more about this collaborative tool.

If you can't see the video, click here to watch it on the Common Craft website.

Then, watch this video to hear what teachers, principals, and students have to say about using Google Docs for learning

To complete Thing 16 you must:
A. Log-in to Google Docs and update a spreadsheet
B. Explore Google Docs
C. Reflect on Thing 16 in your blog

A. Update a Spreadsheet
We've shared a spreadsheet with you. To access it, go to Google Docs and log-in using using your Google account info (the same email and password you use to access your blog). You should see a spreadsheet titled "23Things Learners-Riverside MS." Click on the name of the spreadsheet and add your details.

B. Explore
Spend some time exploring Google Docs. Try creating a new document or spreadsheet. Try uploading one from your computer. It takes awhile to get used to the feel, but it will make sense the more you play with it. At any time, you can click SHARE and give others access to your files.

C. Reflect - Blog Prompts for Thing 16
How might you use this tool in your personal and professional life? What issues come to mind about using this tool with students (ie, they need email addresses to log-in)?

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  1. We already use this at school with PBIS, camp, behavior, etc. This is a useful tool and after watching the videos it would be fun to have many computers in our classrooms to watch the students collaborate.