Thing 22 - Create a Wiki

Now it's time for you to experience using and creating a wiki. There are a number of wiki creation tools online, but we will be using Wikispaces which offers ad-free space for educators.

To complete Thing 22 you must:
A. Edit an existing wiki

B. Create your own wiki
C. Reflect on Thing 22 on your blog

A. Edit the 23 Things Wiki
Go to the wiki at 23things.wikispaces.com. We've already started a list of ideas for using wikis in education. Add another idea of your own. All you have to do is:

1. Click on "Edit this page."
2. Scroll down and click to place your insertion point at the end of the list. Press Enter/Return.
3. Add your contribution.
4. Click on "Save."

B. Create Your Own Wiki

First watch this video.

Then go to Wikispaces to create your account and your first wiki. Once you've created an account with Wikispaces, you can create multiple wikis. Experiment with adding and formatting text, inserting links, images, and video. Here's how:

Try some of the other widgets too. Have fun - you can't break a wiki! For additional video tutorials explaining the features of Wikispaces, go here and click on the drop down menu to choose your tour.

C. Reflect - Blog Prompts for Thing 22
In your blog post be sure to include the link to your wiki. Then discuss your feelings about using a wiki. How does a wiki differ from a blog? When is one more appropriate to use than the other?


  1. Has google docs made wikis obsolete?

  2. Some of these "Things" appear to serve the same purpose. Again, I don't think it matters what you use they seen beneficial.