Thing 7 - Share Your Photos Online

Flickr is a great site to see other people's pictures, but you or your students may want to upload your own. With a free Flickr account you can upload 100MB of photos each month. Imagine a collection of photos for Civil War study, a frog dissection, or a geometry project.

To complete Thing 7 you must:
A. Sign up for your own Flickr account
B. Upload photos
C. Reflect on Thing 7 on your blog

A. Create Your Flickr Account

Watch the following video to learn how to create your account. Then go back to Flickr and do it!

B. Upload
Now it's your turn to upload some photos to Flickr. Here's another video to show you how.

You may want to add the tag RESA23 to at least one of your uploaded photos and mark it public. When you search the tag RESA23, you will see photos that all the 23 Things participants have uploaded. Note: We have learned that you must upload at least five photos before a search for your tags will work.

C. Reflect - Blog Prompts for Thing 7
Think of ways you may be able to use Flickr in the classroom or in your work and share your ideas. What issues might you face?


  1. At this point I'm having some mixed emotions about this step. I personally do not believe in posting pictures of myself or my children online. I suppose I could come up with some generic "scenery," but that will have to wait until I am at home and have the chance to scan in my printed photos and go from there.

  2. I agree about sharing photos of my children, however, I am not the type to normally do this. I understand it is a good way to communicate and keep in touch.

  3. For this activity, I just put pictures of pets and the Howell Balloonfest. I just don't know how much I'll do with Flickr and, if it's for school/teaching purposes, I wouldn't necessarily be posting pix of my family!