Thing 10 - Embed and Download Video

You've found a video on YouTube (or other video sharing site) that you want to comment on and share with others. What do you do? You could give them a direct link to the video. Or, better yet, you could embed the video into your blog (like we've done on this blog) with your comments right next to it. In places where YouTube is blocked, you could also download the video using a third-party site. For this Thing, you'll try both.

To complete Thing 10 you must:
A. Embed a video into your blog
B. Download a video
C. Reflect on Thing 10 on your blog

A. Embed

Find a video on YouTube that you’d like to share with others and embed it into your blog as part of your reflective blog post.

B. Download
Videos cannot be downloaded directly from YouTube, but they can be downloaded using various third-party sites. Download the video of your choice, using one of the tools shown here. Please keep copyright laws in mind -- you may show downloaded videos in your classroom under Fair Use guidelines, but do not upload the downloaded video file to other sites.

KeepVid or PWNYouTube

As an alternative, Zamzar also downloads videos, although the process takes a bit longer. Try it if you did not have success with the other sites:

C. Reflect - Blog Prompts for Thing 10
Add comments to the video you embedded. Why did you select it? Were you also able to download a video?

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  1. So I was able to embed a video about teaching math fraction tricks but I was not able to download a video. I watched the directions over and over and I never saw the download low or high quality link on keepvid. It's time to move on before I get too frustrated! Too bad, it was a laughing baby video and it was funny!