Thing 18 - Slideshare

Slideshare is for presentations what YouTube is for videos -- a place where you can post your work and benefit from what is shared by others.

Before Slideshare, posting PowerPoint presentations to the Internet was not an easy task. Now, it's as simple as can be -- after creating a free account, upload the presentation and get a unique URL so others can view it online.

One of the best features of Slideshare is being able to search and view the work of others. There are some great presentations available there that can be used as is or to generate ideas for your own. Like YouTube, you can rate and comment on the presentations.

Slideshare presentations can be downloaded or embedded onto other sites, such as blogs. Here's an embedded presentation that you can click through using the arrows at the bottom (notice its great use of graphics, color, and text -- no boring bulleted lists in this one!)

To complete Thing 18 you must
A. Explore Slideshare
B. Embed a presentation into your blog
B. Reflect on Thing 18 on your blog

A. Explore
Go to Slideshare and search for presentations on subjects of your choice. Be sure to click the links at the top to view the most "Popular" and most "Downloaded" presentations and have a look at some of them. If you are a PowerPoint (or other presentation software) user, you may want to create an account and upload your own presentation.

B. Embed
Find a presentation to share on your blog (of any content). Look for the embed code -- remember when you embedded the video? Same thing. If you need to review how to embed, see Thing 10.

B. Reflect - blog prompts for Thing 18
What did you like about the presentation you embedded? How might Slideshare be useful in the classroom? out of the classroom?

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  1. Slideshare would be a good way to provide background knowledge for a topic.